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FingerTec Time Clocks Australia

FingerTec Systems Australia is the market leader around the world in computerised FingerTec time clock systems, offering integrated Time Management and Access Control Solutions far greater than old bundy clock systems.

FingerTec Time Clocks AustraliaBusiness Owners in Australia can save time and money with biometric time clocks as a time and attendance solution. FingerTec Systems Australia has the best deals on biometric technology time clocks as well as other access control systems.

See how FingerTec’s biometric time and attendance system can save your organization in Australia time & money. Learn more about our innovative biometric attendance system

Time Attendance Models can gather and process information about employees’ attendance using facial recognition, fingerprints, passwords and various cards such as RFID, Mifare & HID.

The main benefit of the Time Attendance models is the prevention of body-punching among employees and recording their attendance with ease and accuracy without the need to manually keying in data.

Always keep track of your employee’s attendance with these time attendance systems. The fingerprint time clocks are perfect for any business whether you have five to a thousand employees because you can customize it to your needs.  The computerized fingerprint time clock, will save almost eight to ten percent on your annual payroll, because it adds the hours correctly, so there is absolutely no human error. Because this computer recognizes every ones fingerprint the employees will not be able to punch each other in anymore, which will also save you money in the long run.

Some of these time clocks give you the choice of  RFID or Mifare card. These fingerprint time attendance and time clock systems are a good product for any business big or small.  These fingerprint time clocks are also very accurate by adding the hours correctly so no one gets under paid or over paid. It is one of the best investments any business can make.

Access Control and Time Attendance models provide a complete solution for both door access control and employees’ time attendance recording.

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