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Access Control Australia for all your security needs in Australia. You have the option of RFID, fingerprint and facial recognition access control systems for your business or home.

Fingertec AC900 Time Attendance & Door Access System

FingerTec Australia AC900FingerTec® AC900 series Fingerprint Door Access Control and Time Attendance System delivers confidence and convenience by personalization of users through their fingerprints and eliminates the use of card system for door access. The FingerTec® AC900 series provides a perfect balance between stylish ultra-modern door access reader and practicality. By deploying the world renowned university’s fingerprint algorithm in its minutiae matching technique, the FingerTec® AC900 series ensures to provide access to only authorized people based on their enrolled fingerprint templates stored in the system. With the FingerTec® AC900 series, there is no more worries about people entering into your organization or misuse of cards and keys by irresponsible people.

The FingerTec® AC900 series is a user-friendly, reliable and flexible fingerprint authentication system integrateable with other security solutions to ensure high-level protection for your premises.

The FingerTec® AC900 series is a hassle-free model which can be set-up quickly and easily without requiring intensive labor, expensive equipments and high maintenance cost.

The FingerTec® AC900 series Fingerprint Door Access Control and Time Attendance System is the ultimate door access system of today for your protected tomorrow!

Fingertec R2 Time Attendance & Door Access System

FingerTec® R2 redefines security by empowering people’s biological traits to enhancing security in their daily lives. Biometrics technology proves real identity and by incorporating fingerprint technology and card system, FingerTec® R2 provides its users with absolute comfort and convenience every time.

FingerTec R2R2c AustraliaFingerTec® R2 and R2i are the latest complete fingerprint door access and time attendance systems. FingerTec® R2, embedded with 8M-Flash memory, works as a master reader keeping all information and transactions of users intact in the reader and FingerTec® R2i works as a slave reader to read fingerprint. Data from the master readers are accessible through the powerful FingerTec software, TCMS V2. With combination of FingerTec® R2 and R2i, both entrances and exits are controlled by secured biometrics keys.





Fingertec FaceID 2 Door Access System

Advancement of technology has made biometrics technologies commercially viable and affordable. FingerTec is taking a step forward in biometrics business by introducing the latest face recognition technology product to the worldwide market with FingerTec Face ID 2.

fingertec australia faceid2This product of the future can identify an identity in split seconds without any contact or hassle. The FingerTec Face ID 2 only requires user to look at the machine to get verify; it is as simple as it gets.

FingerTec Face ID 2 is loaded with powerful microprocessor that can process dual biometrics authentication methods, fingerprint and face, for accurate personal identifications and for collection of precise data for time attendance and door access purposes. In addition, FingerTec Face ID 2 also accepts card verification for an added security measure.

Data communication is made possible through USB flash disk port and the common protocol TCP/IP, and data from the FingerTec Face ID 2 is processed by TCMS V2 software, the powerful software compatible with all FingerTec products.

FingeTec FaceID 3

fingertec australia faceid3The Face ID 3 is our latest revolutionary release! Building on the facial recognition technology, theFace ID 3 uses high quality infrared cameras to scan your facial features and verify your identity. The FaceID 3 is designed to cater to the demand for a contactless solution in biometrics recognition, while maintaining its quality performance and high reliability. The slim and stylish design of the FaceID 3 is perfect as a door access solution at any office, delivering higher security and a modern look at the same time. Also, stay on top of things when managing the Face ID 3 with FingerTec’s practical and reliable in-house software, the powerful TCMS V2.

Multi-Verification Methods
You have multiple of verification options with the Face ID 3. Verify yourself using face, card, or even by password.

Multiple Communication Methods
Sync the Face ID 3 with a PC using one of the many available connections: TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, USB flash disk or 26-bit Wiegand input-output.

Time Zone Settings
The Face ID 3 now has an additional feature of 50 Time Zones for you to control and organize authorized access at your workplace.

Manage Your Data Easily
Administration is easy with the bundled software! FingerTec’s TCMS V2 software allows you to generate reports, monitor attendance, and integrate FingerTec with a third party system.

Combine Your Verification Methods
Opt for the combination of verification methods to get an added confirmation of identity. A Face + RFID / Password verification leaves almost no room for security breaches!

Contactless Identification
With the Face ID 3, all you need is one look, and you’re ready to go. Facial recognition makes it easy for your to verify yourself without having to free your hands.

Increased Face Template Capacity
The Face ID 3 can now hold a total of 3000 face templates!

FingerTec H2i Fingerprint Access for Homes & Offices

The Easy-to-use, compact design of the FingerTec H2i makes it an excellent choice for Access Control and Time & Attendance. Easily add or delete users with the swipe of a card. Want to download reports? No problem, with the H2i you can choose from three different options how you want to download. For added protection, the H2i also has the ability to connect to an alarm system.

FingerTec Australia H2i

With stylish design and a sleek layout, the H2i is a master terminal able to hold upto 1,500 fingerprint templates as well as 10,000 card templates. The unique screen-less design uses acombination of voice commands and LED lights to communicate to its users while having most of the same features as more costly biometric devices



Fingertec Kadex Complete Card Reader For Door Access & Time Attendance System

Kadex, access control & time attendance card reader supports card ID, 5-digit password or a combination of both. Kadex terminal works with security alarm system to alert users in case of break in and when duress function is used. The terminal can integrate with fire alarm system to unlock all doors when the alarm is triggered. Kadex communicates with computer via TCP/IP and it allows data transfer using USB flash disk to eliminate extra wiring and in case of failed connections.

FingerTec Kadex Australiam-Kadex is a simpler version of Kadex. The terminal functions similarly like Kadex but it is designed without any keypads or LCD. The management of m-Kadex must be carried out through the software except for enrollment and deletion of card users, which can be performed at the terminal by a person holding an administrator card.

i-Kadex is a slave reader to complement Kadex and m-Kadex for a professional access control functions. It reads the most commonly used Wiegand protocol and it is made waterproof and dustproof (IP65) for a longer lasting access control device.


Time Control Management Software

TCMS V2, the soul of Fingertec fingerprint reader, is the powerful time control system management software designed to provide efficient and effective administration of human resources in every corporation. Thousands of enterprises around the globe are utilising TCMS V2 in their operations to ease the burden of manual reporting, reducing human errors and producing comprehensive and assessable information.

FingerTec Australia SoftwareTCMS V2, seamlessly integrated with Fingertec fingerprint reader is capable to generate various authentic and irrefutable time attendance and access control reports in minutes, ready to be printed whenever required. TCMS V2 is built on multilingual platform and complete with many functions, practical for today’s working environment. TCMS V2 operates on windows-based system which offers easy installation and easy application, gauranteed suitable for everyone regardless of the technical knowledge. With TCMS V2, works becomes simpler and results become better. You easily integrate with third party payroll systems such as MYOB and others.

  1. Manage time attendance and time clocking activities.
  2. Provides 6 definable daily clocking activities.
  3. Supports overnight working time, not exceeding 24 hours.
  4. Supports rotating duty rosters and a maximun of 3 shifts in a day.
  5. Provides easy management of multiple fingertec readers.
  6. Enables download of data and transactions.
  7. Allows export of data and transactions.
  8. Provides irrefutable audit trails reports.