FingerTec FACEID3

FingerTec FaceID 3 Facial Recognition in Australia

fingerprint-access-control-brisbane--4The Face ID 3 is our latest revolutionary release! Building on the facial recognition technology, theFace ID 3 uses high quality infrared cameras to scan your facial features and verify your identity. The FaceID 3 is designed to cater to the demand for a contactless solution in biometrics recognition, while maintaining its quality performance and high reliability. The slim and stylish design of the FaceID 3 is perfect as a door access solution at any office, delivering higher security and a modern look at the same time. Also, stay on top of things when managing the Face ID 3 with FingerTec’s practical and reliable in-house software, the powerful TCMS V2.

Multi-Verification Methods
You have multiple of verification options with the Face ID 3. Verify yourself using face, card, or even by password.

Multiple Communication Methods
Sync the Face ID 3 with a PC using one of the many available connections: TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, USB flash disk or 26-bit Wiegand input-output.

Time Zone Settings
The Face ID 3 now has an additional feature of 50 Time Zones for you to control and organize authorized access at your workplace.

Manage Your Data Easily
Administration is easy with the bundled software! FingerTec’s TCMS V2 software allows you to generate reports, monitor attendance, and integrate FingerTec with a third party system.

Combine Your Verification Methods
Opt for the combination of verification methods to get an added confirmation of identity. A Face + RFID / Password verification leaves almost no room for security breaches!

Contactless Identification
With the Face ID 3, all you need is one look, and you’re ready to go. Facial recognition makes it easy for your to verify yourself without having to free your hands.

Increased Face Template Capacity
The Face ID 3 can now hold a total of 3000 face templates!