FingerTec R2R2c

Fingertec R2R2c Time Attendance & Door Access System in Australia

FingerTec® R2 redefines security by empowering people’s biological traits to enhancing security in their daily lives. Biometrics technology proves real identity and by incorporating fingerprint technology and card system, FingerTec® R2 provides its users with absolute comfort and convenience every time.

FingerTec® R2 and R2c are the latest complete fingerprint door access and time attendance systems. FingerTec® R2, embedded with 8M-Flash memory, works as a master reader keeping all information and transactions of users intact in the reader and FingerTec® R2i works as a slave reader to read fingerprint. Data from the master readers are accessible through the powerful FingerTec software, TCMS V2. With combination of FingerTec® R2 and R2c  both entrances and exits are controlled by secured biometrics keys.

FingerTec R2R2c Australia