FingerTec Adaptec Plus

Enhanced Security with Encrypted Signals
It supports FingerTec encrypted 26-bit Wiegand communication output; providing enhanced security level for extra protection


Prolonged Life Span of Hardware
With data encryption, the life span of the terminals can be prolonged without the risk of short circuiting when using AdapTec Plus.


Support Rechargeable Backup Battery
Connects well to any 12V rechargeable backup battery, providing power to ensure protection of access during any events of power failure.


Seamless Integration with FingerTec Terminals
Mix and match the FingerTec terminals via AdapTec Plus for a cost effective access control system suitable for small and medium sized offices.


Power Up Terminals & Door Lock Systems
A single AdapTec Plus can provide power simultaneously to a maximum 2 units of FingerTec terminals and 2 sets of door lock accessories such as the EM Lock and drop bolt in one single system installation.


Control IN/OUT Terminals At An Entrance
AdapTec Plus is a perfect choice for an IN/OUT installation, where a door is controlled both, at the entrance and the exit.


Alert Emergency with Siren
Compatible with an NC siren type with a maximum of 0.5A load for emergency event e.g if the terminal is being illegally dismantled.


DIY Metal Casing for Cleaner Installation
Store an AdapTec Plus and a backup battery in an exclusive FingerTec DIY metal casing, providing a cleaner installation.

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