Time Control Management Software

TCMS V2, the soul of Fingertec fingerprint reader, is the powerful time control system management software designed to provide efficient and effective administration of human resources in every corporation. Thousands of enterprises around the globe are utilising TCMS V2 in their operations to ease the burden of manual reporting, reducing human errors and producing comprehensive and assessable information.

FingerTec Australia SoftwareTCMS V2, seamlessly integrated with Fingertec fingerprint reader is capable to generate various authentic and irrefutable time attendance and access control reports in minutes, ready to be printed whenever required. TCMS V2 is built on multilingual platform and complete with many functions, practical for today’s working environment. TCMS V2 operates on windows-based system which offers easy installation and easy application, gauranteed suitable for everyone regardless of the technical knowledge. With TCMS V2, works becomes simpler and results become better. You easily integrate with third party payroll systems such as MYOB and others.

  1. Manage time attendance and time clocking activities.
  2. Provides 6 definable daily clocking activities.
  3. Supports overnight working time, not exceeding 24 hours.
  4. Supports rotating duty rosters and a maximun of 3 shifts in a day.
  5. Provides easy management of multiple fingertec readers.
  6. Enables download of data and transactions.
  7. Allows export of data and transactions.
  8. Provides irrefutable audit trails reports.

Complete employee time clock packages with Windows Time-Sheet Software
Integrates with popular payroll software:

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